Football Strike: Online Soccer

Engage in thrilling one-to-one football matches with players from all over the globe. This time, you will have to demonstrate you can launch the ball with no effort into the gate. You can check your reflexes in the role of a plain player or a goalkeeper. Swipe your finger across the screen you hit the ball, sending it in the desired direction. When it’s your turn to defend the goal, swipe your finger in the same way to stop the ball from reaching the target. Everything is simple and intuitive. You can even train in an offline mode if you feel your performance needs to be improved.

Enhance your football skills

You will be able to enjoy several game modes. It includes playing against the clock to see who manages to score more goals with better accuracy. However, you will also have to wear gloves and defend your goal as a goalkeeper. The controls are very basic, and any player will master them with ease. You will love the ability to play against live opponents and not computer bots. Stunning visuals make the entertainment engaging even for complete amateurs. So it is time to pull on your virtual boots and step onto the field to prove you can become a true football legend. But one thing is sure – you will adore this activity.

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