Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer

If you love football and have already tested numerous online games devoted to this sport, you will be delighted to discover new entertainment in this genre. This time, you will be impressed by weird gameplay, and especially strange design of the characters. You will not see traditional football players as you may expect. Instead, you will see a big head and a big boot joined together. This is your personage that will score goals and bring points for you. No matter how strange his appearance may look, you will love this engaging entertainment. Are you ready for this cool experience?

Prove you are fast and precise!

This game is just a duel. Your opponent has exactly the same unconventional design. So you two meet on the pitch to compete who can score more goals in the adversary’s gate. Every match is under two minutes, so you need to move fast to succeed. At first, you may feel a bit awkward to control this comic character, but you will quickly master all the necessary controls. Now you need to make precise hits for the ball to land in the other end of the field. Prove you are smarter than other players and impress everyone with a fantastic score. You can enjoy this football duel against your friend or just a random player!

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