Head Ball 2 Player

If you enjoy games designed for two players, Head Ball is a fantastic option to explore. This entertainment revolves around football. The primary objective of the user is quite straightforward – you just need to outscore and defeat your opponent. Do not expect to see a traditional match. You will not see many players on the screen, just two of them. Moreover, they come with a very weird design. The developers introduce unique personages – you see only the players’ heads and boots on the field. The goal is clear – compete against your adversary and do your best to get a better score in the end of the duel.

You have up to 90 seconds!

Each match is fast-paced and intense, with a limited timeframe of just a few minutes for the confrontation. Lightning-speed reaction and precise moves are main success factors. The entertainment challenges your skills, reflexes, and strategic thinking. You need all of them to outmaneuver your opponent and become a winner. Another appealing feature is a wide selection of players – you get access to over 50 personages. Some of them are copies of football legends. Demonstrate good performance, earn points and purchase power-ups to multiply your chances to win!

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