NBA 2k23

Is basketball your best sportive activity? Then prepare yourself for an incredible journey into a world of basketball. This is a simulator that will help you better understand how everything is arranged in it. As you already know from previous chapters of the series, you can enjoy several modes in this engaging franchise. But NBA 2k23 is particularly focused on MyCareer mode. Are you ready to start your acquaintance with basketball from scratch and make a fantastic career in which you turn into a legendary player? It will not happen overnight, and users will have to overcome lots of obstacles and trials on this path.

Work hard until you reach success!

The initial task is to create your personage. Use rich customization features and attributes to come up with a unique result. Now, an incredible journey begins! You have very little experience in the beginning and need to work hard to progress. Dedicate enough time to training and participate in numerous matches to move forward. Step by step, you will gain some authority and a special spot in your team. In this new release, you will face new challenges, but will also enjoy new features. Make sure you will find the most effective path to fame. And remember that every choice will affect the further plot development.

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