NBA 2k24

NBA series is a 3D basketball simulator that gives you the opportunity to experience the excitement of this sport from your pc or smartphone. You have to assemble your own dream team and lead it to success and achievements. The project includes a lot of exciting installments, with NBA 2k24 being the latest one. What does it bring to the players? The game setup has not changed much. As before, you are to either control a player who dreams of a fantastic career in basketball. Or you become a coach who trains the team and deals with all administration things. Are you sure you are strong enough for this trial?

Meet new characters!

This time, the release introduces new personages inspired by the most talented and successful players from real-life basketball. Be prepared to learn new personal stories, master new strategies and see new faces. You have already met lots of legends in the previous chapters. Who will come to the forefront this time? You need to discover it all by yourself. So open the new installment to enjoy the realistic basketball tournaments. And learn even more about this exciting sport. Even if you are not too experienced player, you will love this entertainment. It will never get you bored!

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