Soccer Super Star

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a soccer super star? You can still do it in this virtual entertainment. This online game will immediately test your skills and the ability to make correct decisions. So what are you supposed to do? You take the role of a key player in the football team. And you are fully responsible for all crucial decisions on the pitch – you decide when to pass the ball to your teammates and when it is the best moment to score a goal. Even if the design looks quite simple and even primitive, it will be not so easy to master all the controls to succeed.

What’s your ultimate score?

To kick the ball, you should only swipe the screen in the desired direction, or swipe it from one player to another to pass the ball. It is crucial to carefully calculate the trajectory, otherwise, the ball will land in a different place. The main difficulty is that you have only a few seconds to check where your teammates and opponents are, so you are to take instant decisions. If you lose the ball you have to get it back or the opposing team will score. Thus you need to develop an efficient strategy that will combine your agility and preciseness on the field. Take time to enhance your football skills!

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